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How To Sumo Squat Calisthenic Exercise for Health & Beauty

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How To Sumo Squat Calisthenic Exercise for Health & Beauty

The Sumo Koshiwari Exercise # 2
Have you seen car commercial saying “If you are the last person left on earth, would you still do sit ups?” Why not Sumo squat! Because when you do Sumo squat calisthenic you can feel the surge of power (Ki, Chi, Life Force) energy rising when you are done. It is very powerful exercise for health and beauty.
Seattle Mariners star Ichiro Suzuki does this squat exercise at the Baseball Game. He may not use the hand this way. But that is why he is so agile and young at 36. September 2009 Ichiro Suzuki reached the 200-hit plateau for the seventh consecutive season.

My Acupuncture Dr.Koichi Nakamura does 200 times *
He practice Iaido ( Japanese Swordsmanship)
And Aikido
I am up to 60 times Video By Andrea Sharp

Do this 10 times

1. Stand with your back against a wall for balance

2. Stand up straight and spread your legs wider than your shoulders

3. Point your feet and knee outward as much as you can without loosing balance

4. Make sure your back is straight and eyes look straight ahead

5. Slowly lower your body, until your hips are level with your knees, and then come up

6. Do not go lower than knee level otherwise you will strain your knees too much

Article from Frontline Magazine, By Pharmacist / Vice President of PI Water, Inc. Ota Mitsuko

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