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The Power of Setting Goals – John Assaraf

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The Power of Setting Goals

John Assaraf emphasized how important it is to know what we want to have and what we don’t want to have, in order to make our Power of  Setting Goals.

Of course, we do know what we Don’t want to have. So we tend to think about it very often and focus on it too long. Yet we wonder why the negative results show up on our door step so fast as FedEx over night delivery.

Have you noticed how we can manifest negative things faster than positive things while we are setting goals ?  We are not spending enough time to focus on positive outcome.

So it it our best interest to innercise to hold the thought, vision and feeling to stay longer in that energy. Innercise is just like physical exercis to develop muscle in our brain. Without innercise Power of Goal Setting might be useless.  Because painful truth is results never lie, it shows.

I have a very successful smooth driving traffic rate on the road . Soon as I decided to go somewhere, I do visualization of smooth driving traffic to get to the destination before I drive.  Especially long drive by freeway. Taking time for a driving visualization is so important. Keep me safe, save time and stay out of major  frustration. It will let me know if I skip it. Very simple reminder of how powerful of setting goals.
What is your experience of The Power of Setting Goals ?

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