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Rightful Mindset Tends to Solve Problem # 1

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Rightful Mindset Tends to Solve Problem

“ Stay calm, and shift gears to enter right mindset when sudden and simple things go wrong ”

It really helps to change perception…open your mind to receive inner wisdom about your situation.

For instance,  I recently dropped off a friend at the airport at four o’clock in the morning. I had to drive his brand new hybrid car back home. Normally, I wouldn’t worry about safety, how to drive, etc., because I have been driving for almost forty years. Not this time. Taxis, shuttles and people in cars were pulling in and out from the curb quickly. Car were honking and causing traffic jams left and right. No pressure. Then I looked at the dashboard and panicked! I did not know how to start the car –this was a Toyota Prius hybrid and suddenly everything I knew about cars went out the passenger side window.

Honking behind me and at my side didn’t help me think straight.

I had to think fast –what do I do? How do I start? I shifted to new mindset.

I looked at the key chain and saw 3 very bizarre things…at least I think one of them were key. They had an unrecognized shape to my mind. I thought –hey, I’ll just push one into what looks like the right place and see what happens. Nothing. Okay, next.

I tried to pull it out and it stuck. Oops. Did I break something? Now I was really worried and started panicking –it’s early morning, I am not fully wake yet, the security guard is looking at me and telling the cars in front of me to move out. It was stressful. Now what?

My mindset was keeping me from starting the car. I didn’t have the right mindset for a hybrid car. I had fixed a mindset for a traditional car and deep down inside I knew if I was to get this car started, I would have to shift to rightful mindset.

I calmed myself by telling myself –I can do it and –I can get this done. I told myself to look at the dashboard differently. I also looked at the non-traditional key differently. Then I looked back at the dashboard and saw the “power button”. I pushed it, and it made a noise. The car rumbled. Good news!

I saw the dashboard panel lights go on and I shifted the gear to drive and moved forward. Yes! I did it! It’s moving! I found the blinker and merged onto the freeway very cautiously. Thankfully, rush hour had not started yet and I had time to get used the new hybrid vehicle my friend bought.

Although, I did not have a time to study how hybrid car works at four in the morning,  I knew I had to change to rightful new mindset. Whew!

It is my fantasy that by the year of 2020, future hybrid vehicle have the ability to simply read the mind set of a first time driver. And make it a lot easier for them than it was for me in 2009.

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