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“The Chicken and The Eagle Story” by Dr. Eldon Taylor

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The Chicken and The Eagle Story
Choices and Illusion

Have you ever resisted the best offer you have ever received ? Knowing you are provided the best tools & techniques we could ever ask for? Yet,we come up with an excuse to skip one. Or we trust others and let others control our thoughts more than our own. Our life is full of choices and illusions, yet we resist in choosing for the best. “We are not good enough” plays in our head. We can find the evidence that things are not working out before we do our best and hardest. Then we ask ” Why things just don’t workout in our life?”
You know we are product of environment, when our response of not deserving to receive for our highest best is an automatic reaction to passed experience.
When was your perfect opportunity presented to you and you turned it down ? Can you go back ? What can you change today inside of yourself ? So you make a better choice than illusion.
May be you can’t fly right away but you can get off the dirt and get on the hen house and change the view of the world. Changing your altitude is great start.

Making choices for our highest potential is easy to do with the right help:
-team: a group who is expert or practicing to be expert
-support person: moral, spiritual, mental or physical help to get you to the next step
-mentor: a dedicated guide or leader to help you get to the next step

What if we can help make the world better place ?
OK, are you ready to fly like an Eagle soar high ?  Let’s do it !!

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