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Mariners Ichiro Suzuki / Rightful Mindset # 1

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Mariners Ichiro Suzuki  / Rightful Mindset # 1

Stay Focused

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Did you watched Ichiro Suzuki play this year? Doesn’t he play as if baseball is an easy game and he has a focused mind?

Seattle Mariners Baseball player Ichiro is a very dedicated professional baseball player. On September 13th, 2009, against the Texas Rangers, Ichiro collected his 200th hit of the season for the ninth consecutive year, setting an all-time major league record. Ichiro developed distinction from any other ball player.

Ichiro knows his body and mind conditions well and takes good care of himself. He has a certain regime that he follows every day just like any other professional. He even carries a heavy-duty foot massage machine to detoxify his body in his hotel room after the game instead of partying with his teammates. This help him relax and give him a good night sleep. Ichiro is in excellent shape and lean unlike typical muscular baseball players. And he does callisthenic stretching exercises to stay limber even during game. That is why he often poses himself with his legs stretched wide in a squat half way comfortable while he waits for the ball to come. Also, he could easily catch the ball by his putting hand behind his body. It is as if he has eyes behind his back and have a magnetic hand. And he gained the Spider Man nick name after he climbed the wall and caught a ball. Not many people could imitate what he does. Everything is deliberate, there is no accidental act. Ichiro has the right mindset no other person possesses. Ichiro works very hard for consistent improvements and it shows by his great achievements. He seems to be easy going if you just watch him play. Yet, Ichiro seems to have a complex mind and right mindset for a super achiever.. His ability to keep a focused mind is amazing.

Do you know anyone like him around you?

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