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Mariners Ichiro Suzuki / Rightful Mind Set #2

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Mariners Ichiro Suzuki /  Rightful Mind Set # 2

Stay Focused

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Mariners Ichiro Suzuki turned into one of the super achiever baseball player from Japan. And by his being a Seattle Mariners he helped the Seattle, WA economy by attracting Japanese tourists and baseball fans to the city year after year. And of course, Ichiro is very popular among young Seattle kids.

Also, Ichiro’s famous pep talk was used to lead the Japanese Samurai team to winning the 2009 World Baseball Classic championship games this spring. Ichiro was like a Samurai you would see in a movie. Struggling.., yet somehow with rightful mind set he managed to carry them to the winner’s circle.

In the Mariner’s gym, Ichiro has his own gym equipment custom made just for his physique, so he would not develop an extra muscular body which he does not require for the position he plays. He  is making sure differentiate from others and goes the extra miles to create his signature style of own.
You might think he is extreme and obsessive. At home, he eats a curry rice dish his wife Yumiko cooks for his brunch every day for the last several years. He even requests his wife to make sure it is exactly same recipe day in and day out. Ichiro highly believes something in the curry spice stimulates his brain and keeps him sharp and alert. He constantly focused for improvement in his play. Years ago, he went through a period of stagnation. At his wife’s suggestion to “back off a foot from home plate and try to see a different point of view” when he stands at the base for a swing. To his amazement, his wife’s suggestion worked and he had a breakthrough. His willingness to listen with open mind was rightful mind set.

Are you open to receive a simple suggestion to change your life?

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