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Qigong Exercise for Health

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Qigong Exercise for Health

What a spectacular Sunday morning it was for qigong exercise in beautiful Mission Bay!

Bright sunshine and clean fresh air. It was a much needed rain in S.California that came down to wash away the dust and dirt. Plants are very perky and happy now. I felt so refreshed and rejuvenated by this rain –and could not ask more from this qigong group practice for healing and health. Especially on the day after the 12/12/2009 workshop. Getting up early and mingling with 120 people and driving back at night time for an hour and a half on a freeway from Irvine to San Diego in a heavy rain. I loved driving in the rain. Yet, it’s nice contrast for me, to appreciate this bright day.

It has been 4 and a half years since I started to practice Emei qigong. I did Saturday and Sunday weekend practice only for 2 years. Then I started to practice everyday at home and weekend at Balboa Park. Now I do qigong every day at home 7 days a week when schedule allows. I prefer to do it first in the morning. Practice qigong exercise for health requires discipline. It takes 45 minutes for whole movements. Emei qigong meditation is standing with eyes closed is from the Chinese energetic arts. The techniques are very easy to learn and simple. At first, I could not believe that these movements could do anything to my body.

The study and practice of Emei qigong promotes strong physical health, emotional balance and spiritual development -and generates vital energy. It can help you reduce stress, too.

Would you like to learn qigong?

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