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Emei Qigong for Health

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Emei Qigong for Health
Life force energy/ Heart center Qigong

Emei qigong is part of my life now.
After I sold my business last year I made a commitment to myself to improve my health more than ever. I was always on the go. I would let my body rest yet my mind kept going. I went through a lot of stress during the last few years and didn’t make time to repair my body and soul.
Qigong has a great healing ability that comes from simple movements. Of course, I made a conscious effort to change myself. Even though I was doing qigong every morning, I was not in it. I was not in my body; I was just going through motions without my heart being in it. Emei qigong is about circle and heart center qigong. Love qigong. I felt something shift in me. I finally understand what Emei qigong does for us. It doesn’t just develop ki,chi energy, and also develops a life force energy.
This did not come to me by just studying qigong exercise. I have been observing energies of people in business, especially successful business people’s energies during the last several years. It’s been my favorite pass time since I was a little kid. Successful people in general carry powerful life force energy. It comes from their inner passion and enthusiasm and contributes to their health and life force. It is very common among them. Inner passion and enthusiasm can easily overcome any challenges we encounter. And without life force energy we can’t attract people or prosperity to us.
What are your experiences like during times when you felt full of life force energy?

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