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Emei Qigong Meditation

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Emei Qigong Meditation

The Harmony of Vitality

While other parts of the country are challenged with snowstorms I was very grateful for San Diego weather to be able to practice qigong at the San Diego Mission Bay Park Sunday morning. Gratitude made me more disciplined and I arrived at the park at 9:00 am for Emei qigong group practice. I was so glad I made it on time. It took me a few seconds to focus and ground myself. We were on the grass by the trees, sandwiched between Mission Bay water and freeway. As soon as qigong music started the noisy freeway 5 turned into just a background sound and quickly faded away. My body, mind and soul tuned in to the qigong rhythm automatically. Cool air was refreshing and warm sun felt so good on my back. My spirit and body were very happy. It was good that my mind was quiet in the morning. Emei qigong meditation is working well for me. Time goes fast when I am in tune with qigong rhythm.
Emei qigong exercise is same as qigong meditation and so simple yet effective. Qigong movements are very different than Tai Chi movements; they don’t resemble martial art movements. Some movements are big and some are so small that the outside observers do not notice them. Yet, I am impressed how every time I finish practice I feel refreshed and energized. Practicing Emei qigong exercises and qigong mediation is “The Harmony of Vitality”. Emei qigong doesn’t result in sweat and hard breathing. How many exercises do you know that can get the same results?

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