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Emei Qigong Healing

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Emei Qigong Healing

I first started going to Emei qigong healing group practice in October 2005 in Balboa Park. The following spring I took Emei Qigong Exercise workshop Level 1. There I met for the first time the 13th Lineage Holder of Emei Qigong, Grandmaster Fu Wei Zhong. You know how some powerful people have a very noticeable presence even from the far and some people don’t?  Well, Grandmaster Fu falls under the latter category. I heard and read about his impressive accomplishments and I was expecting to meet somebody somewhat loud and colorful. On contrary, he was quiet and light. Master Fu has been teaching qigong healing in the US for many years. He is very passionate about relaying the message to Americans how qigong contributes to better health and healing. He charged very small fee for the introduction class so everyone could learn and use qigong immediately to improve their health. Also, he’d like to train many teachers to spread the Healing art of Emei Qigong. His grandfather was a family physician for Emperor’s in China, thus Master Fu has been treating people since he was 12 years old as Acupuncturist, Herbalist and healer. He has treated China’s late President Deng Xiao Ping as well. Grandmaster Fu is one of those phenomenal people who can see through people’s energies.  And he could tell you exactly when and why your illness happened.

You don’t believe me? Come see him next spring in San Diego when he comes back to USA from China. I’d be glad to introduce him to you!

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