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Most Inspirational and Powerful Women

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Photo of Keiko Fukuda Sensei

Keiko Fukuda Sensei

Most Inspirational and Powerful Women
Judo the Gentle Way 4: Women’s contribution to Judo

Miss Keiko Fukuda lives in San Francisco, on theWest Coast. She is passionate about and dedicated to keeping traditional Judo Kata (form). Fukuda sensei is the highest ranked in the world. Fukuda sensei’s grandfather has taught Jujitsu to Kano Jigoro. Her grandfather had a huge influence on Professor Kano Jigoro’s developing of Kodokan Judo the Gentle way in 1882.

photo of Fukuda Keiko sensei

Rusty Kanokogi Sensei

Mrs. Rusty Kanokogi lived in New York, on the East Coast. She passionately promoted Women’s Judo as a sport and brought Women’s Judo to International and Olympic level. Rusty sensei was the highest ranked in the USA. Rusty was awarded John Osako Award for excellence in refereeing at an International level. Rena Rusty Kanokogi came from youth gang in Brooklyn.
Two came from very different backgrounds, yet strived for excellence in what they believed. Both received prestige award for promoting judo from Emperor in Japan. They both are very respected by Judo players from all over the world. Through the years, they both helped so many women to achieve feeling of self worth and confidence. I have the up most respect and gratitude to Fukuda sensei and Kanokogi sensei. They both have influenced me in a huge way, directly and indirectly. I would not be who I am now without the influence of their way of Judo. Two powerful women influenced, touched and empowered not only women in Judo world, but outside of it as well. What a contribution they have made for us!
Armed with your passion, are you ready to dedicate yourself to the world and strive for excellence?

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