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Inspirational Man Kodokan Judo

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Inspirational Man Kodokan Judo
Judo the Gentle Way:  Prof. Jigoro Kano

Have you ever wondered how martial arts came to creation? There are many styles of martial arts in this world. Some are very old and some are relatively new. Some are very complicated and some are very simple. Weakling created some, and people who had more strength than animals created some others.
Judo was created by a frail man who wanted to better himself. Jigoro Kano studied 2 different classical styles of jujutsu. Tenjin Shinyo-ryu and Kito-ryu jujutsu. As a result he created Yawara, Judo the gentle way, 128 years ago in Japan. “Maximum efficient use of energy” and “Mutual prosperity for self and others” were what Jigoro Kano identified as the proper goals of training.
Everybody has a different purpose in taking Judo, starting from children and going to older people, men and women. Some are there simply for exercise, some for mental training, and some for self-defense. These days many people come for sports competition. Personally, I started for self-defense and turn to more of mental training. I am so grateful for creation of Judo. Judo is a universal sport and an Olympic sport. Some European countries almost claim Judo is their national sport. Judo is a fun sport and for everyone. Judo suits are very thick and heavy, especially if they are custom made. However, something about wearing a Judo suit changes chemistry in people. No matter how hot it gets once the Judo suit is on, somehow the room temperature is no longer an issue. It is magic. It’s the same with Tatami mat. No matter how hot, cold or tired, once people get on the mat their energies shift. I myself witnessed this a few times in Kodokan. One of the highest ranked man in the world, who was old and slow walking, got on the mat and suddenly his back became straight and with an eloquent move he threw his opponent on the mat. This comes from having a different mindset and from years of training. Have you ever experienced anything similar?

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