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Healing Power Of Reflexology # 1

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Healing Power Of Reflexology # 1
Heal your body through Hand and Foot Reflexology
Heal your body through Hand and Foot Reflexology

Muff and Bobbi Warren have been a Reflexology mother and daughter team for almost 30 years now. They were certified by International Institute of Reflexology in 1983. Since then, they have been practicing and teaching seminars throughout the United States. Bobbi has taught in Canada and Europe as well. Reflexology is a great tool for healing body through the use of hands and feet, and does not require any other special equipment. I have known Muff and Bobbie for the last 15 years. At 82 years old Muff still practices and goes out to teach with her daughter Bobbi. This shows Reflexology really does work for anti aging. What I respect and admire about them is their passion and commitment to healing through Reflexology and total dedication by volunteering their services to people. They have volunteered Reflexology services for many events, such as Police and Fire Olympics and veterans Stand Down event, where homeless veterans came once a year to receive different kinds of care and alternative healing. One of the stories is about a veteran who came back from war in Desert Storm with a chemical side affect, developed seizures and lost her driver‘s license. Her 10 year old son learned Reflexology tools and used it every time his mother had seizures. The tools eliminated her seizures and subsequently, she was able to get her driver’s license back. What an amazing story!

I took a summer college extension Reflexology course, taught by Muff and Bobbi, many years ago. They make sure their classes are fun and that people take home great tools to immediately apply for own and start helping their family and friends as well.
Are you convinced and ready to take a Reflexology class?
How To Stop Seizures

Stopping Seizures and preventing
Reflexology is an art and science, it’s a way of healing body through hands and feet. Bobbi and Muff Warren are demonstrating how to stop seizures by working on the big toe. This technique works on adults as well as delicate small babies. This is the technique which helped reduce Desert Storm veteran’s seizures, who had lost her driver’s license because of her condition, but was able to get her drive’s license back, eventually.

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