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Healing Power Of Reflexology # 3

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Healing Power Of Reflexology # 3
Empowered by Reflexology # 2

Empowered by Reflexology # 3

Bobbi and Muff have been reflexologists since the late 70’s. One of their great advantages is they can help each other in the time of need. In the summer of 2009, 82 year old Muff had a mini stroke. Quickly, daughter Bobbi arrived before the ambulance did, and gave Muff a Reflexology treatment on her feet. Before she knew it, Muff recovered from the stroke. Amazing story! She is back in the swing of things again, like the energizer battery bunny; she keeps on going, and going, and going…

Feet mirror body, as Bobbi explain. If you have a pain anywhere on your body you can work on your feet to get rid of the problem. I use simple a Reflexology tool on my feet in the mornings to energize myself. It takes only a few seconds and I am ready to go. Simple tools, like Reflexology, make your life healthier and easier.
Why not learn them?

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