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Orienteering-Thinking Sport Champion Mindset # One

If you're new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!Orienteering-Thinking Sport Champion Mindset # One Champion Mindset Aapo Summanen Orienteering ” Thinking Sport” San Diego Orienteering Club hosted Anza-Borrego Desert O-Fest 2011 in January 15-17. People from all over the world came to this event. Aapo Summanen young man from Finland is one of the fierce competitor. Have you ever been lost in the woods and not know where you were at all? Did you wish you had a compass and map so you can figure out how to get back to a house or car? Orienteering is called the “Thinking Sport” where you use a compass and topographic map to find an orange and white triangle flags. The topographic map tells where the flags are in … Read entire article »

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Emei Qigong Grandmaster Fu Wei Zhong Is Back In San Diego

Emei Qigong Grandmaster Fu Wei Zhong Is Back In San Diego Grandmaster Fu’s powerful life force energy Emei qigong grandmaster Fu Wei Zhong is back in San Diego from China for a few workshops. Grandmaster Fu comes to San Diego once a year in the spring time, it is always wonderful to have him back. These days he comes to teach the advanced higher-level workshops only, unless there’s no trained Emei qigong instructor available in some of the other parts of the US, then he teaches other classes as well. After all, he has been teaching for about 50 years now and he is ready to retire. Is he really that old? Well, Grandmaster Fu has been practicing and training in Chinese medicine since he was 12 years old. He wants to … Read entire article »

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HOW TO STOP SEIZURES By Power Of Reflexology

How to Stop Seizures By Power Of Reflexology Stopping Seizures Reflexology is an art and science, it’s a way of healing body through hands and feet. Bobbi and Muff Warren are demonstrating how to stop seizures by working on the big toe. This technique works on adults as well as delicate small babies. This is the technique which helped reduce Desert Storm veteran’s seizures, who had lost her driver’s license because of her condition, but was able to get her drive’s license back, eventually. That is a power of Reflexology!! Share and Enjoy: … Read entire article »

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